The UK tech market offers immense sales potential to any company offering high-quality, innovative products. But the EU’s second largest tech market can be difficult to enter from the mainland, particularly without local knowledge, contacts and experience.

In this article we consider the benefits of engaging independent sales agents as a stepping-stone into new markets.

Market expertise

One of the largest hurdles to doing business in a new territory is knowing how to prepare for success. Distributors and resellers are incredibly busy, so if your communications, proposals or products are not pitched in the right way at the right people, you can easily waste time and money on a lacklustre launch.

Axente has the knowledge and experience of the UK’s IT market to help you start selling to UK customers. We know exactly what distributors and resellers are looking for, and we use this knowledge to make life easier for distributors and resellers. Our experience means that you can avoid many of the usual obstacles facing new entrants to this competitive market, and start selling products in weeks rather than months.

Contacts and personal relationships

Doing business in the UK is difficult if you’re in mainland Europe. Skype is a great communication tool, but it can’t match the effectiveness of face-to-face meetings. As well as having an impressive contact list, we devote many hours (and thousands of motorway miles) to staying in touch with the companies we sell to. These meetings give us a chance to share and demonstrate the new products that our vendors are launching, and also build positive relationships with our customers. These strong personal relationships are the basis for good business relationships, and mean that your products are more likely to be considered for promotions and proposals.

Risk-free access to the second-largest market in Europe

Axente is an independent sales agent which operates solely on commission. Our vendors trust us to deliver strong sales and consistent growth for them – because our livelihood depends on it. If you don’t succeed, neither do we. This means you can launch your products in the UK with negligible investment.

Accelerate your UK launch

You could spend months recruiting, engaging and deploying your own sales team in the UK – or you could accelerate the process by choosing an independent sales agent. Axente already represents a growing portfolio of IT brands, so we have the contacts, processes and expertise to bring your products to Europe’s second largest IT market.

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